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If you love beautiful design in the bathroom and recognise the importance of excellent quality, then Hansgrohe shower and taps are for you.

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Quality Germany Engineering

  • All Products carry a minimum 5 year manufacturing guarantee
  • Spare parts held for 15 years after the product discontinuation


Less Water, Less Energy, More Enjoyment

Reduces your water consumption by upto 60% without compromising your showering performance.

Limescale simply rubbed off in an instant

Remove limescale deposits simply by rubbing the flexible silicone nozzles.

Comfort and convenience at your fingertips

One touch changes the waterflow. The shower or spray mode can be switched on and off or changed with a click.

More volume, More pleasure

Combines water with a generous amount of air. For a soft, splash-free water spray and rich, full shower drops.

Big performance, Great experience

Evenly distributes the water over the large spray face to envelop the whole body.

Guaranteed comfort and convenience

Greater freedom of movement. The highter the mixer, the greater the space between spout and basin.

Save energy on water heating

Cold water starts to flow when it is opened in the basic setting. You consume hot water only when you need it.

A showering sensation

With its gentle micro sprays, PowderRain provides a deeply relaxing experience.



  • Designed for life, realised Hansgrohe
  • Meticulously designed and expertly manufactured making our products attractive and exhilarating
  • Working closely to number of the world’s most influential designers: Phoenix Design
  • Hansgrohe have won more then 500 internationally renowned awards


  • Innovating since 1901
  • 15,000 active property rights
  • 1953; invented the ‘shower rail’ to hold a hand-held shower
  • 1965; created the first hand-held shower with multiple spray types
  • 2001; launched the iBox Universal



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Frederick J French founded the company in 1895. After his death in 1947 the company was sold to the surviving directors and since that time has been owned and managed by “hands-on” directors working full-time in the business and incorporating the values of a family firm.


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